Computer Engineering

Prof.Ravindra Sonawane
T&P Coordinator
Computer Engineering Department

We all need people who will give us feedback.

That's how we improve.

I establish the vital link between students and prospective employers to facilitate training and placement of students as they begin their career after graduation. We work relentlessly to ensure job placements for our students and provide them with top career opportunities. The present batch of our young budding engineers is working hard to be a part of the large dynamic industry. Our faculty members are experts in the areas they teach. Not only do they provide a solid grounding in the academic theories and concepts of their specialty, they also provide the students with insight into the practical issues and challenges currently facing their discipline. They provide our students the right balance of theory and practice. We emphasize group work allowing each student to be benefited from the quality and diverse cultural and business backgrounds of their classmates. We also foster a strong partnership between students, faculty and staff in the learning enterprise.